November 30th, 2005

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thanksgiving part 2 and today

lets get this over with.
sooo lets see thanksgiving morning got up way too early for life. got ready and all that jazz and then left for new jersey. we decided to go to my grandmas house cause we want to keep with tradition. and i think its the best way to still "have her around." i think she would have wanted it that way. so we left at like 9 and tried to watch the parade on little portable tvs that died in like half an hour. when we got to NJ we watched the rest. i love that damn parade lol. then my parents went to pick stuff up while i watched that 70's show for hours and my sister slept. my aunt was supposed to come early but she ended up coming really late with a 20 pound turkey. haha. good times. i made my banana cream pie and my mom made her sweet potatoes with marshmallows and we had diner at like 10, after CSI: lol and when the turkey was finally done. it was a nice diner and reaaaally good.

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today i met him for lunch. he was so happy to see me and told me how much he missed me the night before. we went to eat at sbarros and talked about a lot of stuff and how he is doing with his doctors and stuff. im glad he is trying so hard and doing so much better. im really proud of him. it must be hard but hes getting there. and its good to talk to him about it. then we went around campus cause he had some offices to go to.

i hung out with rocco for a while which was nice. always awsome. i need to hang out with him more ;) and we went to the lgbta office for a while. it was nice to see everyone there. its been a while. i feel so bad but ive been so caught up with other crap. dana was so happy to see me. love that girl. later on i helped vito grade some papers during his break. i always tell him i would be awsome as his secretary. he laughs at that. he laughs a lot more these days and looks at me with so much more sencerity.

then i went to meet the kids at berts. i love them to pieces. it was really good to see them. i hate that i dont live on the dorms. i would always be hanging out with them. it sucks. they are such great people. then i went back to the math place cause i left my jacket in vitos office. one of his students tried to talk to me a bunch and she was cool but it was odd lol. then vito and i waited for his mom to get there and i took mah bus home just in time to catch CSI: wow, im lame lol.

i need more people i can really talk to. like really really talk to. i love my friends a ton. and they are all great. but i need people i can get deeper with. i think the fact that i dont hang out with them THAT much is the problem. i really need to get on that. i just feel like people keep me at a distance or something. like im different or they cant be as personal with me. i dunno what it is.
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FINALLY an ep of Lost as good as last season. well besides the premieres. but yeah. there was definitly a little slump there. man this is gettin good again.

now i have a major headache and nothing to show for my day. yippee. and i know im not gonna be able to sleep tonight and tomorrow im gonna be so tired. thursdays are usually great days though. word.