January 31st, 2006

Felix- to the left

coughing up a lung, cameras and phones.

i woke up this morning with a cough so painful i had tears streaming down my face. and i can feel it in my lungs. woo. i tried to get an appointment at the health center all day and they kept telling me to call back to check if anything opened up but it didnt. so i was just on campus all day. i met up with vito for lunch. he tried to explain some math to me and then we talked about school and stuff. it sucks when we say goodbye. ugh. he keeps telling me we should hang out on the weekends and stuff, but i dont know. it was so uncomfortable at his house to begin with, and now...it would be even worse. so i dont know if i wanna deal with that.
thhhhheeeennn i met up with rocco and sophia...my loves. and we hung out till they had class. they made me feel better.

now i just feel like i wanna die, but if i sleep now i know i wont be able to sleep later. so im gonna stay up and watch NCIS or do my homework. whichever prevails. heh.

i got my new phone today. its really cute, and im happy with it. its a camera phone too. awsome. not as awsome as rocco's new fucking GORGEOUS camera...ha. im so jealous. i need to start saving up hehe. so yeah, my phone...i dont wanna activate it yet cause i love my old one lol. i have separation anxiety with everything :p

this sickness better go away soon cause its way too painful and i neeeeed to go to all my classes without question. its gonna be insane.
Felix- to the left

csi: ny

icon time. i wanted to do multifandom but...im too lazy. so yeah.
danny messer and don flack. word.
comment and credit.
noooo hotlinking.
feedback is nice too.

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