March 7th, 2006

Felix- to the left

random things

1. pips thank you sooooo much for the package! i got it yesterday. totally awsome. did you look through it? its so beautiful and amazing :D i wonder if they will make more post secret books. ive always wanted to send one in.

2. i HATE people that dont know how to bid on Ebay. DONT freakin bid on something and keep bidding on it back and forth if there are still like 2 days left.all you are doing is raising the price asshole. just wait till the last few hours and THEN start bidding. grrr. havent they learned how to do it yet?

3. NCIS tonight! woo! im excited to see if they bring up the whole Gibbs thing. and i hope there are some cute scenes again like last week. it was all so calssic. and then there is that new show afterwars with Scott Foley! woo!!! so glad to see him back on tv :D

the end.