March 14th, 2006

Felix- to the left

the weekend and some more random things

so i wanna do a full update but its almost 4 and i havent done anything productive today so i dont wanna sit down and go through everything. maybe eventually.

break has been awsome so far. i was just gonna come to the city but decided visiting my sister first would be a good idea. went up to oneonta on saturday morning. 3am. i got no sleep till like sunday morning. i was chugging energy drinks all day lol. but it was really good to be there, especially cause it was shannons birthday. we totally surprised her. and mike and christina were there as well. i love a full house, its always so cozy hehe. we went to the thrift store where i got the cutest navy blazer thing, we went to wallmart where of course we stocked up on lots of random crap hehe. and then we went to eat chinese at the amazing chinese food place hehe. i got chicken and broccoli without the broccoli. we decorated the house really cute for shannon. we put on the Rent soundtrack and sang along for about an hour while mike and cristina went to get alcohol and we got the party started with pina coladas and margaritas. later we hit up the bars for a while. and the next day we went rollerskating for like half an hour hehe. shannon wanted mcdonalds so we stopped to eat there and we were trying to think of other things to do but was 6pm in oneonta. so we went to wallmart again to get beer and games and decided we would just do that. we got some pizza and then we played scene it and trivial persuit. it was a good time. im sure ill flesh it out later.

vito went to new orleans with UB to do some katrina relief effort thing. we talked before he left and i just missed the fact i wasnt gonna see him at all this week, but its good. and im glad he is going cause its a new experience and something he can feel good about.

now im in the NYC. my dad made spaghetti and meatballs. i ate so much my stomach was hurting all night lol. i was just so excited for real food lol. then we all watched csi: miami. my mom was fascinated hehe. she loved the way they worked through the case. i just wanted eric and ryan to get it on already. lol lol. it was a decent ep though. and then we talked for like 4 hours about random things. its good to be home.

other then that,
1.trailway buses suck,
2.its really nice out. i hope it stays this way the whole time im here.
3.i cant wait for st.patty's day.
4.wednesday im hangin out with annie and jose. should be a blast.
5. NCIS tonight. yuuuuuuuum.
6. i wanna go shopping in the village so damn bad.
7. i miss my blonde hair.

so thats the update for now ;)