February 6th, 2007

Felix- to the left

like the groundhog

so maybe i should come out of hiding? yes? i dont know...ive been studying SUPER hard for my tests, and life has been generally good. i took an amazing biopsych test today. seriously, it was amazing. hopefully my grade is as good as i think it will be. ive been hanging out a ton with ryan. we've been analysing BSG together for hours in a day lol. and occasionally with vito, and thats all been pretty good too.

im behind on sga and sg-1 but thats ok cause i can curl up and watch em all in one night. with chocolate and stuff ;)

ive been staying away from here cause it feels like a daunting task sometimes. keeping up with everyone, and the fact that i want to write everything down in here and dont have time, and then i stress that i didnt get it all down.

but eh, i think im gonna make a comeback ;)

plus omg yay!! sga/sg-1 friending meme
how can you resist? i miss everyone.

ps. the peg2 photos: DAVID HEWLETT LOVES HIS FAME. i love it.