December 6th, 2007

Felix- to the left

they're coming!

yep, this is how it all begins. and then they get angry, rise up, nuke us to death and take over the world.

Pleo is here! But how much punishment can a robot dinosaur take?

Sure, you know how adorable Pleo is when you’re being all cute and cuddly with him. But what’s going to happen when someone’s Ritalin-addicted nephew is left alone with the hapless dinosaur for even a few minutes? While waiting to conduct our full, hands-on review, we decided to answer that question with a series of unauthorized — and let’s be honest — somewhat cruel tests. Be forewarned, in the video you’ll see Pleo:

* Get pushed over
* Get smacked
* Get held by the tail
* Get held by the tail and shaken
* Get held by the tail and dropped
* Get held by the neck (warning: gross choking noises ensue)
* Get stuffed into a bag
* Eventually die

We don’t recommend doing this. In fact, we killed our Pleo by the end of it. Don’t worry though. Eventually we got him up and running again, and after a few chin scratches and some petting he was his cute cheerful self again, so all seems forgiven. But just in case it isn’t, we now keep him locked in a drawer at night….

PS: Yes, we know we’re going to Pleo hell for this.