January 24th, 2008

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Bionic Vision Contact Lenses Being Developed

Bionic Vision Contact Lenses Imagine you had bionics that inserted information into your field of vision, just like Arnie in "The Terminator." What would you have displayed as you walk downtown? A map of the city? Restaurant menus? How about the e-mail address of the hot singleton in front of you?

You might be making that choice sooner than you'd thought.

Researchers are implanting contact lenses with electrical circuits and tiny LEDs that would give your retinas more to enjoy than the fine weather. The challenge for the engineers at the University of Washington was to get all those electronics into a safe, flexible lens. Some of the metal within the lens is only a couple of nanometers thick.

Extensive displays with lots of information and wireless abilities are still years away, but a basic low-res readout could be available in the near future.
— Adam Frucci