October 4th, 2008

Felix- to the left

vito says i shouldnt get a job, i should just let loose a virus that kills 93% of the population lol

omg i havent been on the computer since 5pm yesterday!!! withdrawl! lol

vito came over yesterday. we got some pizza and we watched the ENTIRE season 2 of Heroes in one sitting. so now he is almost caught up. he really likes it.

oh and that scene where matt and mohinder are together by molly's bed, he goes "they are totally doing it." i laughed so hard i almost died. he doesnt get slash, so he has no idea. it was funny that he still got that vibe though LOL.

so i'm back in lj world! lol. now i have to go check everything i missed! and then read a gazillion more fics lol.
Felix- to the left

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i need any and all screen caps you have of sylar as gabriel gray. i have an insane urge to make 100 gabriel icons, but dont have 100 screen caps lol. pictures of him as zane too. anywhere where he is not officially 'sylar'. you know what i mean ;)

1,2,3, GO!