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yeah, so friday, annie finally came over at like 1. so i was perplexed at what to do. so we decided to go to the bar downstairs. as usual. we drank a little, the hot bartender thomas gave me a free drink hehe. and then these guys start talking to us and ask us if we wanna smoke pot. at first annie was like no, but i really wanted to so i hung around. then thomas asked him about the pot again so i was like, we'd like to smoke too. so we went to the kitchen and smoked like 3 bowls.of purple haze. that wa fun times. the all so wanted to get in our pants though.. it was really funny. thomas made us this weird special drink and we were like nervous lol. then brian, this guy that we know from there was like, "oh yeah thomas has a whole bunch of rufies in the back" i was so fucked up i didnt even know if he was kidding or not. then when i felt like i was really gonna pass out, annie decided we should go home. then the one guy that gave us the pot was like "how about i pay for a hotel for the 3 of us" and i didnt understand him so i was just like yeah ok, next time. lol. then we left. we got home and i was like a wreck lol. laughing all over the place. it was quite amuzing actually. then i guess i fell asleep with vito.

saturday i woke up so high like a bunch of times. i just got way too fucked up lol. finally around 4 i felt like i could get up and function ok. vito and i ordered food and i helped him with hi studying. then annie came over at 8 and we were gonna meet up with jose and nicolette to go play pool and get drunk a chris, her coworkers house, cause she was gonna be away for a week and she left annie the keys. so we go shopping for some alcohol mixers, and annie gets a call from chris that she missed her flight and she was home. so we were freaking out, but chris said it was ok to come over and do whatever. so we went and got mildy drunk, then walked around the village for a was too late to play pool. we stopped in at cbgb's and heard this awsome band. igot a demo cd and it is sooo rockin. then we went back. now jose wasnt supposed to stay over, but he decided to invite himself to, and there want enough room for all of us to sleep there. annie was getting really pissy, so at like 3:30am i decided to go home. it sucked ass and i was crying when i got home. vito was so nice to me though and was so happy i was home.

then fathers day was like ok i guess. i went to my sisters house with my family. vito stayed home. we really didnt do much except eat and talk about Lisa and her problems. i really wanted to talk to her, but she just shut herself in her room the whole time. my sister told me she was bulemic for a while and i didnt know that. i was bulemic for a while too, so i wish i could have talked to her about that. vito called me a bunch of times and left me all these messages about how much he missed me and everything. it was so sweet and i felt so loved. it made me feel better cause i was in a really stressful situation but that helped so much. i hope i am doing better...

tomorrow annie and i are supposed to go to chris's again, when she hopefully wont be there. just the two of us. maybe vito. who knows what will ensue.

pics later i guess.... <3

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