December 5th, 2009

heroes - adrian plays bass guitar


omg i have so much to write about and i keep being a lame ass and not writing about it! even now, im just writing a post about how i have to much to write, but im not actually gonna write about those things LOL. livejournal fail!

i was just thinking about how last year i did christmas advent all month and this year im just like meh. i also did heroes_exchange and this year i just couldnt bring myself to do it. its all this craziness in heroes fandom. but i have been making some really good friends through other things, so that's been good.

i'm just not on lj as much and i feel bad and i miss you guys, that's why i have these drive by posts lol. so *waves hi* hope everyone is doing well. i'll be back with my thanksgiving post and my meeting Adrian Pasdar *squeeeeeeee* post