July 28th, 2010

Felix- to the left

From Twitter 07-27-2010

  • 18:39:44: omg i love joshua jackson so much. pacey con! http://tinyurl.com/2bfre58
  • 18:45:00: i gotta say, i kinda like this. RT @blastr New Battlestar Galactica series about the Cylon War coming! | Blastr http://bit.ly/dBgTec
  • 19:30:18: omg everyone is getting sick who went to comic-con. i am so not getting sick! no!
  • 19:46:53: omg i wish we could have like 5 profile pics cause my pics of @suckit_nerds and i are SO CUTE!!
  • 19:49:47: ok going to shower for realsies. be back soon.
  • 19:58:42: haha going to take a shower today is like when i try to go to sleep at night. take #4
  • 20:14:12: i'm wearing my firefly shirt out to the bar tonight. or maybe my heroes shirt. and possibly my comic-con badge.
  • 20:24:40: tweetdeck is being a super bitch for me right now. sorry if i dont reply.
  • 20:25:11: its trueeee!!! RT @suckit_nerds: My favorite thing about @darkelegance is how her excuse for everything is that she's a libra.
  • 20:51:05: i want to move to san diego. my hair looks better there. lol
  • 20:59:03: epicly bad music!! RT @Kent_Stark: And plays bad music RT @darkelegance: @Vila21 A LOT. EVERYONE IS A DOUCHE. lolol.
  • 21:08:27: going out for a while. bar has wifi so i'll be around here and there!
  • 21:36:28: I'm glad to be back at my bar!
  • 21:38:30: RT @suckit_nerds: i miss my bbs. =(
  • 21:39:54: foresquare is being a bitch. I hate that.
  • 21:48:59: fugazi just Rick rolled us!!! damn you, bar!
  • 22:20:12: blue martinis ftw! (@ Fugazi) http://4sq.com/9m0UWk
  • 23:21:55: I have to get drunk to be ok with buffalo right now lol I miss my bbs @suckit_nerds

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