August 5th, 2010

Felix- to the left

From Twitter 08-04-2010

  • 17:21:14: RT @trentvanegas: Thank you #JudgeWalker for reaffirming equal treatment for same-sex couples in CA, may your ruling lead the way for th ...
  • 17:27:16: RT @Its_A_Gas_Mask: No #Prop8 'yes-voters' or supporters on my timeline. HOW KICK ASS IS MY TIMELINE, AY? #NOH8
  • 17:35:06: listening to Proud (Peter Presta QAF V Mix) Exclusive by Heather Small on @Grooveshark: #nowplaying #NOH8 #Prop8
  • 17:51:25: RT @suckit_nerds: Well now that prop 8 was overturned I guess we all know what this means. COMIC CON WEDDING FOR @darkelegance AND ME IN ...
  • 17:58:09: haha i love how @suckit_nerds and my wedding just turned into a big party so that mi and kayvan could hook up...
  • 18:17:07: i'm sorry but if you are my friend and don't think gay marriage is okay? or respect other people's rights? you are not my friend anymore.
  • 18:17:19: simple as that. i feel very strongly about this.
  • 18:18:14: and i'm not actually sorry, cause you suck.
  • 18:40:37: so, new york is next, right? #prop8
  • 18:44:29: YOU ARE ALL INVITED TO MINE AND @suckit_nerds WEDDING <3
  • 18:47:28: Photo: SO. DAMN. PROUD. FUCK YEAH, EQUALITY!
  • 18:49:35: RT @suckit_nerds: JUST FYI THOUGH THIS WEDDING IS BYOP...BRING YOUR OWN PETRELLI. @darkelegance
  • 18:54:46: .@lijeyeshaveit homg!!!! @darkelegance and @suckit_nerds fic!!! someone needs to write it!!
  • 19:08:19: YES! same here! RT @lijeyeshaveit: I love that my feed is positive feedback on prop 8. I picked good hearted people as friends
  • 19:20:50: win. RT @JacharyQuinto: YO CALI: WERQ.
  • 19:23:33: i want a milshake and cupcakes! i must make this happen!
  • 19:51:06: LMAO my gay guy friend is like... omg wanna go get married in california?
  • 20:54:48: adam baldwin makes it really hard to keep watching the things he is in. asshole. this makes my firefly heart sad.
  • 21:18:20: out for a bit! see ya soonish!
  • 21:39:33: prop8tinis!! hahaha (@ Fugazi)
  • 21:53:48: RT @eserei27: I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but some things seem so morally wrong to me that I just can't see ...
  • 21:56:46: this prop8tini is pretty strong. haha.

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