August 8th, 2010

Felix- to the left

From Twitter 08-07-2010

  • 00:12:42: my cheeze its have toy story people on them.
  • 00:15:15: rachel mcadams is damn hot.
  • 00:17:17: i love RDJ, but rachel mcadams is like, the only thing making this movie enjoyable.
  • 01:03:34: sister and husband are sleeping, so i'm here full time again!
  • 01:04:00: not... that i wasnt really before. i'm always here, even when i can't be. lol
  • 01:16:30: what is with the massive influx of followers today? On every account. is it this who to follow thing?
  • 01:17:39: i love that i'm on a list called ateam :D
  • 01:56:20: i love my friends so much. and by my friends, i mean you guys. <3
  • 03:54:15: milo fuckin ventimiglia is the cutest person live. for realsies. he's just the greatest. what a lovely heart <3
  • 06:32:19: oooh i just got a letter from the ~FBI hahaha
  • 07:27:45: gnight world <3
  • 08:17:03: I lied. I'm still here.
  • 09:32:15: okay. sleep take two, for realsies.
  • 09:34:43: yo, this bitch ass sun needs to GTFO.
  • 12:34:27: I love when I get such little sleep that it feels like I was more awake before I slept.
  • 12:38:20: poor Darlton. I thought Man in charge was awesome! I for one, am a happy fan #lost @DamonLindelof
  • 13:17:27: we're planning on going to the fair today. yay.
  • 13:19:17: 69 degreeees. hehehehe
  • 13:34:28: i'm trying to figure out what to wear today, but my sister still had to shower and get ready, so i figure i have a good 2 hrs to decide lol.
  • 14:35:12: going to the fair, then pool party later! catch you kids on the flip side. DM me if you wanna say hi! <3
  • 15:22:11: peter petrelli is getting ready to go to the fair!
  • 15:41:26: peter petrelli taking a car ride! he's too tired to fly rn.
  • 16:18:55: It's so sunny!! (@ Eden Corn Festival w/ 4 others)
  • 16:43:25: deep fried EVERYTHING. how gross lol
  • 16:45:58: me and my sister!
  • 17:26:38: a pink unicorn for peter petrelli!
  • 17:57:28: corn dog!
  • 18:03:46: peter petrelli is enjoying his sweet corn while we head home.
  • 18:31:47: back for a little while!
  • 21:47:45: omg we're stuck waiting for cat because she's still at the fair and not home when she said she would be. surprise.
  • 21:49:37: mother fucker. I need a drink.
  • 23:17:07: fun with friends! cotton caandy vodka!

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