August 29th, 2010

Felix- to the left

From Twitter 08-28-2010

  • 00:16:23: s1ep7 (watching Arrested Development via @gomiso)
  • 02:46:05: i think i'm gonna make cupcakes tonight.
  • 04:06:40: haha i'm so poor all i have is cake batter that i found in my cupboard. so cupcakes it is for bkfast lunch and dinner! this is the life lol.
  • 05:24:37: I'm watching Life Unexpected (via @gomiso)
  • 06:48:35: man, i forgot how cute this show was #lifeunexpected
  • 08:05:18: omg the season finale DDD: #lifeunexpected
  • 08:56:33: 3 days till nathan petrelli on my calendar!!! :D :D :D
  • 09:12:41: it feels like a nice fall day today. love it.
  • 10:25:58: ok after being awake for 2 days straight i think it's time to crash. lol gnight!
  • 16:09:40: hey kiddies. I have arrived.
  • 16:43:16: I need to catch up with sleep before d*con. it won't happen, of course.
  • 16:50:17: I want Chinese food. I want any food at all, but if it was Chinese, that would be awesome hehe.
  • 18:19:57: lol Joe flanigan and David hewlett always know how to make my day <3 omg i can't believe I'm gonna be seeing David Hewlett in a few days!!!
  • 18:33:15: THIS. RT @eserei27: Crazy snarky Elle >>> Sad weepy Elle #heroesbingo
  • 21:16:48: theres a banner on chippewa that says fashion week.... they're kidding, right? #buffalo #stylewhatstyle
  • 21:23:43: buffalo is one of the most unstylish places ive ever seen. i always feel like people are gonna beat me up cause i have it and they don't lol
  • 21:54:01: i'm still laughing about buffalo fashion week.
  • 22:33:45: i can't deal with this dragon con schedule. they need to take note of sdcc's programming guides. this is ridic.
  • 23:20:55: RT @dealsplus: Win #Apple Product in 40 mins. Just retweet this & follow @dealsplus to win.
  • 23:28:12: i'm dying of second hand embarrassment for this nc17 fanfic panel at dragon con. lmao
  • 23:53:13: forensic pathology panel. fuck yeah!

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