September 16th, 2010

Felix- to the left

From Twitter 09-15-2010

  • 00:00:49: my life. what is this. i love you all <3
  • 00:28:24: anyone have caps of the scene when danko pushes nathan out the window and watches him fly? i think its cold snap... #heroes
  • 00:42:06: RT @Sheindie: #AngelsInAmerica - from a reviewer: "Zach Quinto is no simple TV or movie actor, he was truly astonishing!" @ZacharyQuinto
  • 01:55:18: if you add me from here on facebook, please let me know who you are! thanks!
  • 09:16:32: ugh this stupid fall tv schedule.
  • 09:36:55: off to sleep some more. gnight.
  • 15:20:46: ugh i had the most depressing dream ever. vito and i were hanging out and we were like. "it's always only going to be you." yeah. great.
  • 15:22:06: what a great start to my day. now i just want to curl up under my covers and never come out.
  • 15:30:56: RT @welovecult: You can win Firefly: Complete Series on DVD! Follow @WeLoveCult and Retweet to enter! #GleekVsGeek
  • 16:47:08: the better way to start a day: ice cream and cat face.
  • 18:07:11: i wanna watch some #heroes
  • 18:59:11: i just want to see this new twitter already. grrr.
  • 19:17:29: i'm gonna get a double rainbow tattoo. placement suggestions?
  • 21:04:31: i have so many shows on thursday. as per usual. ugh.
  • 21:56:20: RT @eserei27: Damon >>> Stefan #vampirediaries
  • 21:57:34: haha oops i was gonna get food. oh well, too late.

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