October 4th, 2010

Felix- to the left

From Twitter 10-03-2010

  • 00:01:01: parking lot drinking hah. (@ club diablo) http://4sq.com/dq1C84
  • 00:21:26: aww i miss our old goth club that closed. everyone is here though. its awesome
  • 01:47:23: one more shot and headed home.
  • 02:00:16: ok we're gonna get food first. yaaay
  • 02:58:47: ok headed home now!
  • 04:32:44: im glad i wore a ton of glitter on my eyes tonight. /sarcasm
  • 05:34:08: phew. what a night. now i need painkillers and cupcakes.
  • 05:34:24: also, i love you guys. you know who you are.
  • 09:49:52: gniiiight!.
  • 18:23:30: meh i dont want to be around today.
  • 18:40:00: I still have no food and it's Sunday so all the stores are closed around me. fml
  • 19:03:22: I was going to do laundry today. I don't think that's happening. oh well.
  • 22:25:41: wasn't feeling well. took a nap. don't feel much better.
  • 22:50:53: I dreamt that it was Halloween and I got all this awesome candy. Also, that I was back in school. I want the dream back.
  • 23:00:06: ok getting up for realsies.

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