October 12th, 2010

Felix- to the left

From Twitter 10-11-2010

  • 02:31:09: peter petrelli chillin with a huge t-rex in toys r us. http://twitpic.com/2wmkd9
  • 07:52:15: nrrrgh morning time.
  • 08:04:46: wow I passed the fuck out last night.
  • 08:57:11: breakfast wooo!
  • 10:40:56: I'm at Staybridge Suites (340 W 40th Street, 9th Avenue, New York). http://4sq.com/bMOh5w
  • 10:43:18: i really don't get some people. i guess that's what make the world interesting? lol
  • 10:55:25: headed home. ie. my parents apartment. fun weekend of con is officially over.
  • 11:36:10: ew its too hot out today.
  • 12:15:10: almost hoooome. wooo.
  • 12:20:50: i'm gonna sleep for 5 days. lol
  • 12:48:49: haha as soon as i get home my dad is on me about not being on the computer and getting up early. i havnt even sat down yet. uuugh
  • 14:32:21: twitter! i missed you! haha
  • 15:05:43: happy national coming out day <3
  • 15:31:23: sitting here reminiscing about #nycc and milo. that was amazing :D
  • 15:56:33: RT @FutureBoyScout: RT @tultema: RT Retweet if you have a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered friend in your life that you love & a ...
  • 16:07:36: lady gaga has been stuck in my head for 5 days. 5 freakin days.
  • 16:22:59: it should not be this hot mid october. this is why i like buffalo.
  • 17:15:13: RT @gay_rights: Happy National Coming Out Day! Here are ways you can celebrate. http://bit.ly/9e5i9c
  • 17:51:23: my dad is watching soccer and it's putting me to sleep even more than i was already feeling. ugh.
  • 22:23:54: it's so hot here. i need to go back to buffalo. ugh.
  • 22:48:37: intense rain. hopefully it will cool everything off a bit.
  • 23:04:12: ugh my heart hurts again. I need to go to the doctor, but i have no insurance.
  • 23:08:28: i want to punch palladino in the face so hard. and then kick him in the groin. fucking asshole.

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