October 15th, 2010

Felix- to the left

From Twitter 10-14-2010

  • 06:14:26: urgh.
  • 07:13:54: omg adrian pasdar and his fam are getting a place in nyc. life is complete.
  • 08:45:41: downloading comic books. w00t w00t.
  • 09:26:28: Facebook Working with GLAAD to Stop Anti-Gay Bullying http://t.co/EuqVFfw via @mashsocialmedia @mashable
  • 10:37:26: massive construction outside my window! wherever i go! i can't win. ugh.
  • 10:41:42: haha i get to sleep about an hour now.oh, my life.
  • 10:42:11: if i can even sleep with this jack hammering going on outside.....
  • 11:48:35: bed tiem nao. lawl.
  • 11:54:14: uh.. nevermind. no sleep for me. lol
  • 12:15:04: pita and cream cheese. nom.
  • 12:51:21: my parents have so many cookies in this house. then they wonder why my dad is borderline diabetic. it's so dangerous here. lol
  • 12:56:47: but why is there no coffee? uunnghh.
  • 14:41:40: oh thank god, my dad is making coffee.
  • 15:27:59: omg @kateesackhoff on the big bang theory tonight! so excited!!
  • 15:49:25: why do people have to be such bitches? it's so lol worthy.
  • 16:21:41: watching a time to kill. this world constantly disgusts me.
  • 16:47:45: RT @Akkarin_: NBC, Y U SO FUCKING STUPID?
  • 17:41:47: My Twitter value is $222.49, according to http://www.twalue.com ... What about yours? #twalue
  • 17:47:52: RT @gay_rights: New York Yankees Put a Stop to Homophobic Fan Song http://bit.ly/az74t5
  • 17:51:24: RT @TopCow: RT @roblevin: 7 DAYS FROM HELL preview now up @CBR, for those that haven't seen yet: http://bit.ly/cu6wKr Do your duty and c ...
  • 17:52:01: live 30 rock? huh, i should have gone down there.
  • 17:58:04: the tv is so loud in this house all the fucking time. makes me want to blow my brains out. mother fuck.
  • 18:08:54: RT @jopinionated: If you make a $10 donation to @TrevorProject today, receive 2 entries to win #Lost & other TV show swag. Details: http ...
  • 18:11:40: RT @NOH8Campaign: At @MTV event @BarackObama defends decision to appeal #DADT injunction This Policy Will 'End On My Watch’ http://bit.l ...
  • 18:28:34: RT @Jesus_M_Christ: If y'all would stop killing in my name #thatwouldbeawesome
  • 18:39:05: RT @ohnotheydidnt: Tommy Wiseau’s New Project, The House That Drips Blood on Alex: Another strange masterpiece from the man behind cu... ...
  • 21:02:20: missed #fringe last week. boo.
  • 21:19:38: HEY, PEOPLE. STOP SPOILING THE SHOW YOU'RE WATCHING RN. THANKS. jesus christ, this shouldn't have to be said anymore.
  • 21:32:23: not feeling well. gonna go do stuff for a while.
  • 21:59:37: gaaaaah #fringe is so upsetting!
  • 22:03:36: omg the news from long island. these people are ridic.
  • 22:17:34: my dad makes me sick. i cant believe the shit that comes out of his mouth.

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