October 22nd, 2010

Felix- to the left

From Twitter 10-21-2010

  • 01:01:47: needy people. ugh.
  • 02:08:06: this show is epic. #ModernFamily (via @GetGlue) http://bit.ly/954v3u
  • 06:36:19: dentist appointment tomorrow DDD: should have gone to bed so long ago ahahaha.
  • 11:13:25: dnw to go to the dentist rn. it's gonna be so bad. ugh.
  • 11:40:54: here i go. wish me luck.
  • 13:10:47: omg that was the most horrible experience of my life. even with anesthesia my mouth is already killing me. fuck.
  • 13:12:08: and i have to go back again cause he couldn't finish it. guess i'm spending halloween here in nyc...
  • 13:29:22: i'm hungry and i can't eat for 2 ours. raaaawr.
  • 14:44:30: hydrocodone for my tooth pain. fuck yeah.
  • 15:25:16: i'm hungryyyy. i just want to eat already.
  • 16:00:47: my dad is listening to broadway musicals.
  • 16:14:45: my dad thinks he's the person that got pandora to play classical music. this is what i have to deal with lol.
  • 16:27:36: why is this happening in buffalo. just why. http://tinyurl.com/28ufbxn
  • 17:28:08: i love that katee sackhoff and tricia helfer still hang out all the time. it's so cute. #bsg
  • 18:34:28: i love that zq went to see jackass 3D. fuck yeah.
  • 19:04:13: the eyeshadow goes ON your eye. not IN your eye. sheesh. lol
  • 19:21:05: I've just snapped a new picture: http://dailybooth.com/u/5mhl5
  • 19:36:34: alright kiddies, i'm headed out. catch ya'll later!
  • 20:00:18: holy shit it hurts to eat. i had to take a painkiller just to bite soft things. rawr.
  • 20:51:13: I'm at ricky's nyc
  • 20:52:42: argh 4square is being annoying and wont let me add the location of a new store.
  • 21:39:41: the village just isnt what it used to be, man.
  • 21:42:19: these NYU kids are assholes.
  • 22:37:58: cheap beer and shots of whisky. fuck yeah
  • 23:27:57: I'm at International Bar (120.5 1st Ave, btw 7th St and St Marks Pl., New York) w/ 3 others. http://4sq.com/3zFPRJ

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