October 25th, 2010

Felix- to the left

From Twitter 10-24-2010

  • 00:26:31: everyone is very amusing tonight. lawl.
  • 01:37:26: fuck. i feel like my tooth is getting infected again. fuuuuuuck.
  • 02:37:13: i really can't believe my tooth rn. i just can't even.
  • 02:55:32: i'm having a drink. because really.
  • 05:21:37: they just make me laugh. RT @syzzlyn: CONFESSION: overly-dramatic people scare me
  • 06:31:50: cheetos om nom.
  • 07:29:02: this internet issue is gonna give me an ulcer! hah.
  • 08:23:55: i wish i knew what time my parents were getting home today. bah. bah i say.
  • 10:01:48: uuugh its getting too sunny. go away, sun!
  • 12:05:30: i love how my mom just doesn't text me back.
  • 12:29:32: haven't even slept yet. lawl.
  • 12:51:54: off to try and get an hour of sleep before my parents get home. ugh.
  • 14:45:42: *sigh* and that's that. parents are home.
  • 14:50:00: now i get to listen to my dad get mad at me about breakng the microwave and the internet.
  • 15:12:09: oh phew they went to park the car. laying back down for a bit.
  • 15:15:19: ugh nevermind. im not even gonna pretend i can fall back asleep after all that. lol
  • 15:21:38: good mood activate!
  • 15:32:20: gonna do some photoshop things rn.
  • 15:48:35: dude, tweetdeck just crashed on me. tweetdeck never crashes on me!! D:
  • 16:19:11: ugh all of my music sucks today.
  • 17:16:39: it would be nice if lj just worked properly every once in a while.
  • 17:26:18: ugh. gotta put some clothes on today.
  • 17:38:33: ugh i keep losing the internet. my dad needs to fix this crap already.
  • 19:21:04: sorry i'm not on aim right now. my internet keeps flicking out like every 5 minutes and it would be rly annoying. talk to me through here.
  • 19:37:32: dad is trying to fix the internet. hopefully i'll be back on mine soon.
  • 19:54:26: great. as soon as my dad fixed everything, he goes to try the microwave and it trips the fuse again. mother fuck.
  • 21:17:44: guy was so stupid. i felt like i knew more than he did
  • 22:01:00: finally cleaned off my desktop so i can see my adorable wpp hehe.
  • 22:29:22: my parents are insane. just insane.

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