November 4th, 2010

Felix- to the left

From Twitter 11-03-2010

  • 01:05:21: ugh my tooth is starting to huuuuurt. but if i take pain meds now i'll be zonky for when i have to get up and go to the airport. ffffuccckkk
  • 01:05:43: just fuck. fuck this tooth, fuck this trip, fuck everything. i'm so stressed out.
  • 02:52:49: mostly packed. w00t. gotta be up in like 2 hours. not w00t. lawl.
  • 05:40:01: it's times like this that i'm glad i barely need any sleep haha
  • 06:14:30: aargggh don't want to leave in 45 mins. so not cool.
  • 07:01:46: off to the airport!! later kiddies!
  • 07:20:00: walkin to the train. walkin to the train.
  • 08:22:01: on the airtrain. its sunny as fuck out. lol
  • 08:26:05: wow i'm really tired. damn pain meds. oh, and i didn't sleep last night haha.
  • 08:36:15: i left peter petrelli at my parents house DDDDD:
  • 08:49:31: yay wifi! heh (@ John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) ✈ w/ 53 others)
  • 09:06:48: woops I was gonna get coffee. I should go do that.
  • 09:10:29: its too early to deal with incompetant people. jfc.
  • 09:27:17: it's too sunny at this airport. shut up, sun.
  • 09:38:19: boarding in a couple mins. have a good day everyone. see you in vegas ;D
  • 09:50:46: wow these other people going to vegas are obnoxious.
  • 10:03:33: ok, now that i'm on the plane to vegas, i'm finally starting to get a little more excited.
  • 10:10:52: wow the people sitting next to me are rly annoying.
  • 10:13:30: k phone off. see u in 5 or so hours.
  • 15:28:42: landed in vegas!!
  • 15:31:38: wow it's so different here than anywhere i've ever been. it's also disgustingly hot. lol
  • 15:47:51: they already have slots at the airport. lol
  • 15:51:37: thank you itouch, for malfunctioning right now. no love, me.
  • 15:55:40: welcome to vegas!
  • 16:28:57: haha yay, more palm trees. i missed you, palm trees.
  • 16:36:29: man, my mouth hurts but i don't wanna take painkillers right now. ugh tylenol will have to do.
  • 16:41:31: you know ur in vegas when u see a "precious slut" tattoo parlor.
  • 16:43:05: daaaayum, the lines for the pawn shops are epic! hahaha
  • 16:49:28: jfc finally got the itouch to turn on. man, i need a smartphone.
  • 17:17:45: this hotel is nuts. lol (@ Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall)
  • 17:59:44: inside the hotel. view from the room!
  • 20:14:34: fallin asleep. fallin asleep.
  • 23:29:22: eated food. goin back to the room. we have to get up at the ass crack of dawn for filming. nrrgh.

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