November 20th, 2010

Felix- to the left

From Twitter 11-19-2010

  • 00:07:48: i just saw so many gross recipes all at once. wow.
  • 00:57:39: i just went to the bathroom and decided i needed some bangs. so... i have bangs now. LOL
  • 00:58:33: they're super cute. damn.
  • 02:04:15: hahahah oh god, my itunes genius just made a teen pop section for me. oh joy. i blame #glee
  • 03:48:46: omg i just saw the cutest guy on tumblr. swoooooon.
  • 04:09:06: haha these are awesome. i want them.
  • 04:39:40: gay blog time!
  • 09:33:59: its supposed to get warmer when the sun comes up. not colder. bah.
  • 09:43:01: sleeeeeps.
  • 19:01:04: omggod livejournal. why now?
  • 19:37:24: i miss my #heroes friends. like when we used to talk about it all the time. i've lost touch with some people. Sadness.
  • 20:40:15: #fringe moves to fridays!?!?! whaaaat?
  • 20:41:10: RT @blastr: BREAKING: Fox moves Fringe to Fridays, fans fear the worst
  • 21:06:02: loling forever.
  • 21:32:00: Nathan Petrelli on the list!! fuck yeah. #heroes RT @UGOdotcom: Shaving Grace: The Best TV Sadness Beards
  • 21:33:19: sadness beards. lol
  • 21:36:00: AHAHA win. RT @DamianLovesTV: christ on crutches, Fox. if you want LESS people to watch #Fringe, just move it to NBC. Not Fridays!
  • 22:19:50: RT @coreymoosa: Ladies, next time a guy tells you he doesn't have a condom, respond with "Finally! I'm so ready to be a mom."
  • 22:50:52: RT @Comic_Con: NEW! 2011 Attendee Registration Instructions #sdcc #2010
  • 23:35:04: hilarious. RT @jimmyfallon: Jake G gets all dramatic during our commercial break. Web exclusive:
  • 23:42:24: the wind here tonight is epic. we all might get blown away.

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