May 30th, 2011

heroes - zach gurl dont even

my thoughts on why people should stop bitching about appreciation days.

I'm tired of people going on about how days like valentines day, gay pride, memorial day etc. are days that are stupid to celebrate because WE SHOULD BE CELEBRATING THOSE THINGS EVERY DAY.

uh HELLO, that's not the damn point.

we think about some things on and off, but it's nice to have a day to specifically honor whatever the sentiment of that day may be. to take aside some special time because no, we don't do special things for the people we love every day, or feel wonderful and prideful about being who we are every day, or take a moment to honor our fallen soldiers. give me a break. you don't do it. We should, but our minds are not filled with it every day and it's nice to have remembrance days, or show someone you appreciate them more than you would any other day.

to the people bitching - should we also not celebrate your birthday then, because every day should be a celebration of life? or anniversaries? i'd like to see you be ok with that.