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so not much has been going on lately. not anything out of the ordinary anyway. wednesday and thursday we put some money together and got some drugs. so we got nice and high. that was fun. but that gets boring too. i dont even remember much of wednesday night. thats the only thing i hate. but it was good to finally hang out with vito. i really love when he is around and when he is happy. his job has really been getting him down and i hate to see him like that. i hope he quits soon. grrr. anyway, then yesterday we went to chris' house and just hung out, smoked some more pot. i tried to get vito to come but he wa just too tired. we might go again tonight and hopefully he will come. but he has been sleeping since annie and i left last night at 11pm. i dunno what to do. :(

i hope my sister, jensen, shannon and everyone else has a great prom tonight. dont get into too much trouble ;)

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