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coke..not just a drink. hahaha

just got home from a night of sex drugs and rock and roll lol. we were just gonna go smoke pot at chris;s again but vito got the bright idea of wanting to get e. so when we couldnt get that, he decided to get some coke. and man we got a lot. so annie was napping for like 2 hour. i did 2 lines and then we left. once we got to chris's we just hung out and played cards. then we smoked up a little. we so didnt want to play cards after that. vito was starting to get tired so he knew he wanted to break out the other stuff. annie didnt want to do it, so just vito and i did it. he showed me how to do it so i could get a super high out of it. i swear it was like an out of body experience. definitly worth trying if you are into that sort of thing.

so yeah, then i dont really remember much after that just that i was really high, and vito and annie were smokin pot. then after a little while i started to get panicky. vito told me to take a valium but i smoked instead...bad idea? lol. then the two of them wanted to go fool around, so i joined in, and it was pretty fucked up. i mean it felt good for all of the 10 minutes they were fooling around on me, but then it kinda just got two sided so i just hung back. then we went to bed. i really just wanted to fool around with vito, but that wasnnt happening.

so we woke up this morning. i still feel really out of it. but we came home in the fucking pouring rain. i am tired as hell but i dont know if i am going to sleep. tonight we are doing ladies night and getting high again. and Jenna is coming over!!!!! yay!!!! i hope it turns out fun.

i am getting tired of some stuff...

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