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just a learning experience

so saturday we fixed up my room. it looks awsome. annie came over cause we were gonna do ladies night. but a bunch of stupid frat boys were hogging up the bar so we couldnt go in. so vito went to get some alcohol somewhere else. just for annie. cause i just wanted to try the coke all alone without alcohol or pot effects. i needed to experience it all the way.

so the rest of the night was coke night. thats all me and vito did. annie went to sleep. good thing cause she was gonna be annoying. so i experienced it really good. i got really high, and it was awsome. it was weird and cool. and i was glad to be with vito. he didnt get really high cause he wanted to control. he has a level head. its good. i love him for it. he made me fel all kinds of textures on my body, and we had amazing sex.

so then after doing a whole bunch, we decided to go out and take pictures. we took just enough to stay awake...cause it wares of quick. so we went out in the pouring rain and took pictures. it was really funny cause it was sooo pouring. vito wanted to look at everything and touch everything, but i was kinda just hanging back. then we went to get some stuff for breakfast and we came home. after that i totally crashed on vitos bed. after annie woke up and left, i went back to my bed, which is now on the frame instead of the floor (yay!!!).

i watched queer as folk, but only half cause vito wanted to see it with me. and i am dying to see it now. hehe. the freakin season finale. and then i will have to wait forever for the new season.

so today i might hang out with my sister and hopefully jenna. i dunno what we will do or how i will hold up. vito is going to work and i am wide awake from various legal/illegal substances. this is only a learning experience. its youth. it must be done. hehe. i know people are worried or whatever, but i control myself and i am responsible. thats the only way to do it. word.

xoxoxo red (my new nickname apparently lol)

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