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yesterday i went to see pirates of the carribean with my sister, shannon and her other friend patrice. it was such an awsome movie, and johnny depp was so hot. i mean, i expected it to be good, but not that damn good. its was so long and full of action, and just sooo funny. i havent seen a movie that good in a long time. and it was good to hang out with my sister. she was so excited about the movie. it was really cute.

so today i slept a lot. i woke up at 12 and hung out with vito for a while. he was telling me all about his job stuff, the financial planning things and the stock market and all that. it was interesting, i was just so tired though. and i feel a little sick too, like i have a sore throat and i am so hot. vito bought me chocolate cake on teh way home, cause i have been saying how much i want it. it was so sweet of him. i love when he does cute things like that. i love being here with him

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