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so yesterday we woke up late cause the night before we were up till like 7 talking lol. so annie went to the village, i didnt want to go cause i was just tired and annoyed. she is really starting to get on my nerves with a few things. and i still havent gotten over how i feel about her from last month. that might take a while. anyway, so she left and vito and i talked for like 3 hours about random stuff, and paranormal stuff. so annie calls back at like 7 and i hdent showered or gotten icecream yet (which is so necessary for this time of the month hehe) i was also busy looking at pics of amy lee, which i continued to do for the rest of the night lol. i hoped in the shower and by the time i got out she was here with my baked potatoe hehe. so then i invited my sister over too. i talked to dwayne for a while. he is coming back thursday morning (yay) i am gonna try to meet him at the airport. so i talked to him for a while about randomness. when my sister got here she was having massive allergies and we were listening to guns n roses hehe. after a while we decided to just smoke up cause we didnt really feel like drinking. i dont remember half the shit while i was high. i just know we all ate an entire box of frozen waffles...i had to keep reminding them not to eat it frozen. and we played trouble. fun game. so then vito walked my sister home and we just hung out here. vito was remembering stuff from his past so he went off to write about that, and annie fell asleep. so yeah. so today is shot cause it always is after smoking pot.

i still didnt get my icecream. waaaa

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