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last cigarette: 2 days ago
last good cry: a few days ago maybe?
last library book checked out: haha um...prozac nation which i am still trying to get through.
last movie seen: pirates of the crribean. damn good yo.
last book read: dont remember lol
last cuss word uttered: probably fuck
last beverage drank: water
last food consumed: mashed potatoes
last phone call: dwayneee
last tv show watched: damn i dont remember. havent watched tv in a long time.
last time showered: yesterday night
last shoes worn: my sisters sandles
last cd played: evanescence
last item bought: bleach lol
last downloaded: trouble by coldplay
last annoyance: the computer
last disappointment: that there is no food in this house to eat. grrr
last thing written: email to dwayne
last key used: key to my apt.
last word spoken: "sorry i woke you up" to vito
last sleep: last night. damn i am still so tired!!!
last ice cream eaten: oh god dont talk about icecream. i might stop right here and go get some lol. i havent eaten it in a while.
last time wanting to die: its been a while since i have seriously contemplated this. or last week. hehe
last time in love: still in love <3
last time hugged: earlier this week
last time scolded: probably this week hehe
last time resentful: yesterday. everyone can afford tattooes but me :(
last chair sat in: my computer chair
last lipstick used: my ed one. i think its almay.
last underwear: the ones with the flowers. eww
last shirt worn: pajama shirt
last time dancing: um for real? i dont remember haha
last poster looked at: my sisters pirates of the carribean poster.mmmmm.
last show attended: siren music festival
last webpage visited: lol


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