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Deep throat

LOL yesterday was the funniest day. First off, Mary was being extremely mean to me so me and Maggie decided to ignore her. We went to the mall and I got awsome stuff!! I finally got the black and red striped tights from hot topic that i wanted. I also got red eyeliner, an awsome black glitter shirt with a blue star, a staind poster, and i got my cartalidge pierced and a 4th hole cause i didnt want to waste the other earing. lol weirdness. We had so much fun though. The we came back and I went to Josh's room. We listened to music and stuff so it was fun. Then he takes out the tape of his Band Transindustria and I wanted to see it so bad cause I used to have a thing with the lead singer we wont get into that. ANd there was this one song I loved. SO i finally heard it again. It was awsome. I was crying though cause as much as i hate him, i still love him. ick. Then Joah played his bass for me and that was just amazing. i dunno what to do. Hes everything wonderful, he is just so the man, but hes SO taken. Just my luck. That night me him, andrea, Jim and Maggie went to see a porno in the campus movie theatre. lol i wore my leather pants and my awsome flame shirt. i looked so hot lol. That was the funniest porno i ever saw dude. It was so weird hehe. SO yeah, then we cam back to our dorms and Josh started to teach me the bass. I am so excited to learn! yay! i always wanted to play the bass.

AHHH the once and again premiere wasyesterday. it was totally awsome. i was so excited for it. today is my sisters birthday. i wish i was there.

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