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last night vito and i watched that show "dead like me" for hours. we watched from episode 1 to 6. lol. it is just sooo freakin good. you gotta watch it from the beggining though. but damn its good. very meaningful and witty :) so yeah, i am still up. i had a pizza. a little disiorno one hehe. he had chicken courdon blu or whatever its spelled like. we just sat there and watched hours of tv lol. we havent done that in a while. it was pretty fun.

the not being able to sleep is not fun though. we just had a bowl of cereal. its pouring like mad outside. i looks amazing. i would so go out in it. i hope it rains all of today. but then again we have like 3 loads of laundry so that would be nice to do if it didnt rain. there are shirts in there that i havent seen for like 2 months lol. eeewww. so ya. funness. i love being with vito. he has been so much nicer and apreciative. he sees how hard i am trying and i am glad. :)

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