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sunday morning

i got like 2 hours of sleep and then went to my sisters house yesterday for my neices sweet 16. it was pretty fun. good to hang out with them again. my niece has been having problems with bulemia and things like that. so she has been going through a tough time. i want to talk to her about what i went through with that but its so hard. and i dont think she knows that i know anyway. she is just such a pretty girl and i wish she could see that. everyone complimented me tonight so much about how good i looked and how i lost so much weight. maybe i should just believe them for once and not hate myself so much.

anyway, she was a lot more social tonight, which was really nice. we talked and hung out. we went to lunch at this place called ruby tuesdays. i went there once with vito in buffalo. its such an awsome place. the food was so amazingly good. then we went home and talked a little more. we started watching home videos that my dad made of all my nieces birthdays and some christmas's. i was such a dork. but i was so cute when i was young. i was always so sad though. i think i smiled like 2 times in all the videos. it was really weird and depressing. then we watched videos of my nephew cause we didnt want to leave him out hehe.

after that we sang happy birthday and had icecream cake. my dad was kind of being a jerk and it was getting annoying. i was also getting really tired and aggitated. and i wanted to go home and see vito. but i jsut sat there and talked anyway. then we looked at pictures for a while. we left so much later then i wanted to.

now i am so hungry. i wanna eat the leftovers from the restaurant but i wanna ask vito is he wants any. he is preoccupied now though. i just wanna talk to him.

tomorrow i might go to my grandmas house in NJ. i havent been there at all this summer, which is really weird and sad. i miss her and i miss being there. it is so peaceful there. i could use some time to clear my head. vito would stay here though and i dont know if that would be ok or if i wanna not see him for a whole week. but maybe he needs the time to think as well and work on his job stuff. he is getting going on that and its really good. i hope he gets back into it.

now i just wanna talk to vito, eat, listen to music and go to sleep.

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