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so i am at my grandmas house now. the ride up here was obnoxious. i had to tell my parents that i would get out of the car and walk home if they didnt stop acting like children. i have never seen two people argue so much about the stupidest things.

my uncle and aunt are here in nj also. i felt bad cause i know vito likes to talk to him and maybe he would have come if he knew. although he really wasnt well today. i felt so bad leaving cause i was so upset and sad. i wish there was something i could have done. hopefully all the clean laundry i do, and his favorite candy bar will help him be less sad. i feel like total shit about myself. i know he will have a hard time forgiving me, and i dont know if i can ever even forgive myself. i think i am even getting fatter as a punishment. blah.

so yeah, tomorrow we might go to the pool in the morning, then we are gonna go to the mall. hopefully my parentals will get me early birthday presents from hot topic hehe. spet 27th baybeee! what i am looking more forward too is vito and my year and a half anniversary. last year we had so much fun. i wish things would go back to how they used to be. we werent so sad. we were getting to be so perfect. i think back to all those memories and i know how much i want to fix this and help it go back to atleast something resembling us how we used to be. i love him so much, i dont want to lose him. i really miss him now. my mom finally got the pictures back from last summer when we went to boston, and the pictures from olive garden on my birthday. we both look so cute in them. i miss that. sometimes you dont know what you have till its gone, and i dont want to ever be at that point.

ok now that i am writing a you can tell i am bored here. and i dont have my compu with me grr. my sister brought all these johnny dep movies with her lol so maybe we will watch some of those. my dad is thinking of getting me a new cell phone since mine is such crap. we will see.

i hope i can sleep tonight.

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