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this was in the quotes lj but i just have to post it here cause i just foundit hilarious.

Tick: It's your turn now, Thorace-bog!
Thrakkorzog: It's Thrakkorzog. Thrakkorzog! With a K!
Tick: We're only serving humble pie, Whatchamazog!
Thrakkorzog: For the last time, it's--
Tick: Thorax-and-a-bog. Four-yacks-and-a-dog.
Thrakkorzog: No!
Tick: Ah, laxative-log.
Thrakkorzog: No, no, no!
Tick: Sapsucker-frog!
Thrakkorzog: Thrakkorzog!
Tick: Susan?
Thrakkorzog: Now you're doing it on purpose. How juvenile!

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