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bye bye

today is super boring. i am really sad for some reason. blah. i hate this shit.

tonight we are driving up to my sisters college. actually we are leaving at 3am so we can get there at 8am. what fun. i am gonna be such a tired mess cause i know i cant sleep well in the car. yippee. i probably wont be back till late sunday night or monday, depending on if my mom is too tired to drive back tomorrow night. which she probably will be. ugh. i dont wanna be away from here right now. working on things with vito has been going well. last night we watched chicago at my parents house. he put his head on me and held my hand. he hasnt done that in a really long time. he hasnt shown me affection like that for a long time. even before the whole dwayne thing. i really missed that. i missed my vito. i like it like this whith no one else around. the way it used to be.

anyway i am getting all sentimental and i am overly emotional so if i dont stop i will cry again. lol. so later on we are gonna go over there and help pack up and vito will say goodby to my sister. that will be sad. and then we are on the road. woohoo. not fun. i dont know what to wear :p

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