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new me????

i went to see Mars. it was pretty, and cool. not very big. vito and i went to this walkway thing near the river. the water was like right under us. vito brought his binoculars. it was so romantic hehe. it was really nice being out with him. we havent done that in a long time. i really miss it. we have been doing the stay awake and dont eat a lot drugs again. moderately. really. i am trying to be as responsible as csilla can be. but its helping. so its all good. anyway i took some pictures and video on my camera.

now i cant sleep, lol. good times. i remember i used to watch insomniacs music theatre on VH1 like everyday back in school. i miss school. i miss my old life. its funny how i used to hate it so much when i was there. now... i just wish i could have it all back.

well no point in wishing for things you can never have. grr i dont want to be pessimistic me again. i like this optimism. it gets me through some hard shit.

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