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i hate new people.

grr i need more sleep. waking up with a headache sucks ass.

so i ask vito if he wants to go to jersey and he says yes! i couldnt believe it. finally! so then i talk to my mom and she says she doesnt know if we can go cause my grandma is tired from my uncle being there and all that. she has no idea how rare this occasion is. how much it means to me. fuck. oh well. what did i expect from life. i hope i can spend some good time with him this weekend anyway. maybe go to the SG party or something. we still wanna see mars in a clearer place. maybe i can talk him into taking a train to a beach. i dunno. so yeah, now i have to shower, wake myself up, go get my prescription filled, blah blah blah.

To Die Alone
Your greatest fear is to die alone. You are
probably a very shy person. The thing you want
most is someone to understand you and be with

What's your greatest fear? (images)
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