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hello september

yay for birthday months. 21 this year. i am soo gonna be a raging alcoholic. woopee...

so we ended up going to new jersey anyway. it was pretty fun. we didnt really get to see Mars cause of all the massive rain storms. we saw an electrical storm though so that was cool. my uncle and his wife were still there. vito likes talking to my uncle so thats cool. he is so productive when he is over there. and so incredibly sweet. its like he is a whole different person. i love being there with him so much. he got some work done, and we hung out a little, so that was good. we had to go to church on sunday which sucked ass, but it was alright. it reminded me of when i was younger in new jersey. i used to have such a good time. it made me really sad. i almost burst into tears right there. tip: drugs before church helps lol.

we only did a little shopping. i saw these awsome turqouise and black armwarmers from hot topic that i want sooo bad. if anyone wants to get them for me for my birthday, feel free :) my dad got me the new janes adiction cd. it is so awsome. yay dave navarro. sexy man.

anyway, today i feel really crappy. tired and my stomach hurts soooo bad. i hate this pain. we were supposed to go to south street seaport to see what was going on, but it looks kinda rainy, and vito is still sleeping so i dunno. maybe we will just go to diner at my parents.

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