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this one was annoying

stolen from _lacy_ teehee

[name:] csilla
[sign:] libra
[sexual orientation:] bisexual
[in a relationship now (how long):] yes, 1 and a half years
[how long since last serious relationship:] this is the first one
[# of relationships longer than 3 months:] 1
[# of relationships shorter than a month:] 2
[longest relationship how many months:] current
[ever lived with a girlfriend/boyfriend (how many):] one
[ever done the long distance thing:] yeah. sucks
[do you have faith in long distance relationships:] yeah
[do you date:] not really
[on dates do you pay or get paid for:] we split usually
[describe your typical date:] restaurant or movie
[ever been on a blind date:] no
[ever dated more than one person at a time:] dont really date
[do you call or get called:] both
[ever have "friends with benefits":] yup
[ever cheated:] nope
[ever had your heart broken:] ooooh yes
[ever been dumped:]
[do you put out the first night:] hehe. yeah
[last sexual episode:] hmmm a while ago
[do you kiss on the first date:] depends
[what kind of person gets your number:] rubs me the right way ;)
[ever been in love(how many times):] 3
[say I love you even thou you didn't mean it:] no
[have any bitter ex's:] hehe no
[bitter towards any ex's:] um no
[oldest person you've dated:] 37
[youngest person you've dated:] my age?
[average age you get involved with:] 25
[have relationships changed you:] yeah. i think. i hope
[have your relationships been worthwhile:] yes
[where do you normally meet people for dating or relationships:] no clue
[what defines a girlfriend/boyfriend:] love and respect and closeness that reached a whole other level
[would you ever get married:] yes i would
[key to a successful relationship:] trust, love, sensitivity
[best attribute you bring to a relationship:] understanding
[worst attribute you bring to a relationship:] clingyness
[importance of relationships in your life:] help me be a better person. help me love.

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