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happy anniversary <3

so the anniversary turned out to be pretty awsome. vito slept for most of the day. he woke up around 9 and got ready. then we went out. i got all dressed up. he looked pretty nice too :) we took the bus to the west side and of course he marked it in his map hehe. we walked a little to 70th st and went to a cafe called the mozart cafe or somethin like that. he picked a really romatic spot :) so he ate this cheese thing and i had the best cake and a banana drink. the waitress was really hot and we wanted her so bad. vito got her name (alexis) and we wanna go back there to see her. she would be so perfect. anyway so we sat there and talked and had lots of fun. the place was really cool and there was a piano player there too.

so then after we ate we went walking around a little. we walked to riverside drive which i was nervouse about cause i know how dark and spooky it is down there. my high school was right there so i know the area. so we came across this really cool pathway thing that was all lit up and looked soooo pretty. there was a section that led out into the water. it was so romantic. so we walked around there a little and sat for a while. then vito had to pee so i told him to pee off the side of the thing into the water but he was nervous so he peed in the bushes lol. then he made me walk in a really dark area and i got scared and wanted to leave. he also scared me with a dog that was like following us, so that wasnt cool. then we went to get the bus but it wasnt comming and vito didnt have enough fare. so we took a cab home. we stopped at wendys and i got chicken fingers. they were small but good. when we got home i layed with him for a while, then we finally had sex. damn its been a month. i really miss that. i miss being with him so much!! so yeah, we did that and it was good. he was a little weird but ok about it. it was nice. yay. then we just talked a bit. he kept trying to go to sleep but couldnt. so i hopped in bed with him and we laughed about random stuff for a while. i miss that too. he is so sweet and cute sometimes. i love him so much!! so now he is sleeping and i am up. i cant sleep. yay. maybe i will start working on that scrapbook again hehe.

someone remind me to call the stupid therapist tomorrow. grr.

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