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AHHH I just woke up. Ihad a little too much fun last i can barely even rememeber what i did!!! So i cant even tell ya! lol All i remember is that we started to watch Primal Fear, which is one of my most favorite movies in teh whole world. lol. So i'm finally up now and all i can do today is study for my math test. I have no idea what i am doing but i have to do it cause i CANNOT fail this test. I will have to die if i fail this test. I had some weird fucking dreams last night! I wont even get into those...Its already gonna be october. this cant be good. I have to go see Run Lola Rn tonight cause its one of Joah's programs. Sucks that hes an RA. AHHH tomorrow is Fallfest! i cant wait to see 3 doors down and everclear!!!!! its gonna be the best!!!!!


“I just need you to walk me to the van.”
--drunken Cory to Rex. Rex walks away to get drunken Dominic

“Who’s walkin me to the van?”
--drunken Cory to...himself

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