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i have been in a pretty good mood the past few days. things have been working out really nicely. vito has been so amazingly great with me. his meds help him be like a whole better person. he actually listens, and cuddles with me, and is tolerant of things other than what he wants to do. he told me he loves me so much and wants to be with me always. you should have seen the smile on my face :) and today we actually fell asleep cuddled with eachother. it felt really good to finally have that. i know how hard it is for him to do certain things and he feels bad, but i want him to see that i love everything he does no matter what it is, or what he cant do.

so lets see, other then that, yesterday was a prett cool day. we were gonna go over to my parents house to hang out with my sister but vito couldnt get up so he wanted to get drugs, that always helps. so i called andrea while i we waited. we were nervous that something was up with the guy so i stood around outside making sure nothing was up. i talked to her for a while and she is doing good. i might go up to buffalo sometime soon. so then vito finally showered and we did some stuff and then we went over. Liz was there, which was really cool. i like her a lot too. she is probably cristinas friend that i like the most. she just seems to be really down to earth and open about a lot of things. anway so we hung out there for a while and talked and ate diner. i was so not hungry again. then afterwards we were trying to decide what to do. so vito wanted to go home and do some more stuff, i decided i wanted to as well, and then cristina wanted to smoke some pot, so we all went back to my apt. we hung out there for a while all fucked up. just talked and drank and acted silly. then liz and cristina were getting hungry so we decided to go out. we went to the bar instead cause esther was there. we got a bunch of drinks for like really cheap hehe, it helps when you know the bartender. so we stayed there for a while and then we went to dunkin donuts. it started to massivly rain while we were there, which was nice. then we said goodbye to eachother and vito and i went home.

we did some more stuff when we got home, vito was starting to get this nose pain cause he never listens to me ;p then went back out to the bar and had a few drinks. i was getting fucked up but vito was hurting too much so we came back home and he dealt with that for the rest of the night. i couldnt sleep at all. it was so horrible. i knew i had to wake up today though so i was freaking out.i lay with vito for a bit, while he listened to nine inch nails. lol thats his thing now.

so today i went over to my parents at like 3. vito was too tired. my sister was packing to go home and everyone else was making lunch. i just layed around like a zombie. m dad made me tunafish which was cool. then we ate lunch and my sister left. i came home and went to sleep with vito. now i want chocolate so bad but i dont want to go out and get it. i can feeel all m stupid social anxiety shit coming back but i am just trying to ignore it and force myself to do things.

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