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Today i had the weirdest dreams. i dont know where they all came from. in one part of my dream vito and i were in florida. we were walking towards this area and the sky was like a painting of red black and pink, it was so weird. then as we walked deeper into it, there were big tornadoes all over the place. i was telling him that we needed to leave but he didnt see them so he kept walking. then we had to like run away from the tornadoes but everytime we got away from one, there was another like two feet away. then there was a part in my dream where johnny depp and i were madly in love. every time he came over to me he would kiss me so deeply. he was dressed in a pirates outfit but his hair and stuff was like in those recent pictures where he has the hat and glasses. and for some reason i was dressed all piraty too and i was dressed as the character who played his wife. but we were like so in love. then he starts kissing me in the water and like laying on me and stuff. woah. then in another part of my dream it was like the end of the world and there was no sun. i was getting ready for halloween and putting on all this makeup and stuff, and putting blue in my hair. my mom was telling me that my lipstick wasnt a dark enough shade of red. then i dont remember what happened. the last thing i remember is i was at my grandmas house and the sun finally came back and it was sooo huge. i was taking pictures of it, then i saw this girl and her mom drive away in a car. my grandma told me she hopes this never happens again. there was a carebear sticker in there somewhere too. lol


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