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ok, so do you know what i was doing all last night and all this morning for like HOURS!? i have been looking at this website (various ones and message boards actually) about this guy who claims to be a time traveler. now in those circles he is well known, but i just came across it today. it TOTALLY fuckin freaked me out. he says there is gonna be a civil war starting in 2005 and e will be in a world war three by 2015. and he goes on and on about all this. i literally read the site for hours. and then message boards discussing what he said and all that. he supposedly came here from 2036 on nov 2000 and went back in march 2001. if you go on the messageboard (the link is on the site) there is a video of him leaving, pictures of his time travel device, and lots of other things. weirdness. now all of you that know me, know that i am a "mulder" so of course i am sitting here crying trying to figure out where the hell i am gonna go so i dont die from a nuclear war in 2015. i want to get married and have kids damn it!!! lol. so someone please be a "scully" and debate this shit with me.

believe it or dont but here it is. please if you go through it, read it all and then come to conclusion.

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