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all you need is love ;)

i thought it was monday. go me lol. thats what happens when you switch around your day so your up all night and sleep during the day. that and you are high for most of the time. lol. so last night..or whenever, i dont even know, vito and i were gonna go to dtut but that fucking bitch annie called, who he isnt supposed to be friends with, and they had like an hour long conversation about me. so i decided i am not gonna bother with her any more. she doesnt care what the fuck she does as long as she will have someone to hang out with, and can ruin my relationship with vito. so she ruined my night cause after that vito didnt really want to do anything. he didnt care what she said, so that was good, but he was overwhelmed. so i was bummed out because who the fuck does that little twat think she is...

so i wanted to get high. vito called the guy and we got stuff. it was so late so i was getting upset but we did it and had a pretty good time. we walked around a little, went to duane read. he got water and dimatap. and i got cigarettes. damn i havent smoked in so long. i cant believe he let me get them!but they help calm my stomach. hehe. anyway, then we came back and did some more, and went out again. back and forth for a while. afterwards we just hung out here and talked a lot. it was really nice. i told him about high school and stuff. he smoked up a little and was acting so silly but so cute. he ate my bag of chips and the popcorn and drank almost all my soda. lol and he was getting cought in his headphone wires. he is such a silly kid sometimes, but so cute. and i love taking care of him.

so now i am up. i woke up at 1am. he is still sleeping. i dont know what we will do later. other then that everything has been pretty good. that doesnt happen a lot so i am enjoying it :)

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