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i love you anyway.

things are better. i was having a temporary brain lapse this morning. maybe i was over reacting, maybe i wasnt. either way, i took a few nyquils and just went to sleep. figured if i slept through it, it would be better then sitting there crying and cutting. so i woke up at like 4 and vito was being super sweet to me. maybe he just needed sleep too. or drugs.

now he went out shopping for food cause i havent eaten in like 4 days. i wanna go to my parents for diner but i dont know if iwanna deal with that today. ugh. i should force myself just so i dont get stuck in this rut.

and then i am thinking about how i am gonna get annie to come over here and pick up all her shit she left here, without actually having to talk to her. but if i leave, i know her and vito are gonna have like this hour long heart to heart goodbye and that just nauseates me and makes me look like the bad guy. i shouldnt even be wasting thought on her.

vito wants to make mashed potatoes. i just want KFC lol <3

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