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oh yeah baby

lookit what my wonderful boyfriend is getting me for my birthday *hot fuckin yeah!*

And in other news, my dad finally got me another cell phone and changed my plan. yipee. my phone actually tells me the date and time now! and it has games! lol i sound like such a dork, but really my other phone sucked so much ass. so now i just have to re-enter all the numbers. woppee.

so we hung out at my parents house for a while. we looked through pictures with my mom. and she talked to me and vito about life stuff. it was cool. then we left and vito went with me to state news, which is a stationary store, so i could get stickers for the scrap book i am working on. we went to mcdonalds to get food, and now he is trying to fix his silly computer. mcdonalds chicken fingers rock by the way.

oh and Happy Birthday missdeleterious!!!!! :)


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