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5am ugh

ok so i am still up. we just got to the shroom doing. this is retarded. i want to go out and smoke a cigarette. blah. anyway i decided to make a "what i did today" journal update. well technically it was yesterday, but until i go to sleep i dont count it as a new day. anyway...

i was just doing computer stuff for the first half of the day. blah. then vito had to go to his psych appointment, so i showered and took some pictures. they turned out pretty nice. vito wanted me to go with him so we could go to the medicaid office afterwards. so i was getting ready but he was gonna be late so he left without me. when he got back, i did a little c and then he decided he wanted to split the extra E pill we got the other day. the rest we are saving for like a special occasion or something. anyway, so we got on a bus, long and annoying, vito was being so frustrating. so we get there and he is complaining the whole time, and being all sad. so i was getting bummed out cause no matter how shitty i feel, i atleast try to make it a pleasent time. and i know that if i would act like he does, he would be so mad at me. anyway, we got my temporary card and then we went to go see this retarded lawyer for our apartment shit, cause they are charging us way more than they should and are big liers. we got there early so we sat around and talked a little, about the way people dress and why people look at me funny and all that lol. then we talked to the stupif lawyer who was like no help, and told us to just not pay the rent and let them take us to court. what a retard.

so on the way home we found this little wooden jewelry chest, vito carried it home cause he loved it so much. we stopped at a few of those vendors that sell cute things. vito got me these purple shiny slipper shoes. and then we stopped at another one and he got me these two beautiful rose necklaces. they are so sparkly and beautiful. they were only 3 bucks each! i love them. then we get home and he slept i think. i went back on my stupid computer, and then we called the drug guy. we got some more shit cause i wanted to do it and go out tonight, but vito wanted to do other things. so i went to sleep for a while, when i wake up he tells me the guy is coming back with shrooms. so he got them, and i waited around forever and we finally did them. no word yet.

how much do my days suck.

this be the necklace. and me. drf

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