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ok lets see if i can do this lol

so its 7:30 am and i havent slept yet. what else is new. maybe its the c we did. but vito fell asleep. go figure. then he is gonna be upset. oh well. so let me try to recap the last few days. on saturday was my birthday, vito and i went to the olive garden to eat. the wait was really long so we went to the bar upstairs. the guy actually carded me..funny cause i never get carded, and on my birthday i did. he saw it was my bday so he gave me a free drink hehe :) i got a pina colada. so vito was kinda down and i wasnt sure why, but i was trying to stay happy anyway. so we ate diner which was really good. we took a lot of pictures as usual hehe. afterards we got a cab and came back home. i wanted to do my birthday cake but vito found this dresser so we hauled it into the apartment and he spent the rest of the night doing that. i sang happy birthday to myself.

the next day we went to my parents place. we got some presents and then we went to the cinema diner for brunch, since they werent there on my birthdat. vito and i got my sister some flowers too :) so we ate and had a good time. then my sister had to pack and leave to go back to school. it was soo good to see her again. then vito and i went home and i just spent the rest of the night on the computer. woohoo.

then today i woke up at an ok time. so that was good. i really didnt do anything, but then vito did some e, which i decided to do then too, cause i wanted to do it with him, and not just at a random stupid time.grrr. and we decided to go to the village and get my tattoo! so i told annie that i was gonna get it with her and i felt bad, so she came with us. it wasnt too bad, but i dont know. so i got this awsome tattoo on my shoulder that i have been wanting for a while now. it hardly hurt at all, cause i love the feeling. and it came out really nice. she ended up staying at our place, and vito and i did c while she slept. he went right to sleep though. it sucked. i wish he could have been up with me. oh well.

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