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brain explodey...*poof!*

I don't know how much longer i can take the hotness in my house. its unbearable. Thank god i'm going to my grandmas house tonight. she has aircondition. But that means i wont have computer access for a while. ack! I'm gonna miss all my Flicker friends! :( So I couldnt sleep last night cause i watched a scary mmovie right before i went to bed. then there were all these strange noises in my room. I feel like such a dork. SO i just kept singing 'Smile' over and over ahain in my head. hehe. I was reading my fav comic books today~Johnny the homicidal maniac, and i found my Devi comics too. Thos are really the best comics ever made. I wish they would make more though! I've been waiting to see the Flickerstick video on Vh1 all day but i have no luck. Then my dad switched to soccer again. blah. so now i think i'm off to take a shower to get rid of this hotness. i might just spend the rest of the day in there.*ahhh fletcher thoughts* i miss them.

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